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KTS SIP panel on crane

SIPs installation

Structural Insulated Panel Systems – SIPs are an advanced method of construction, offering superior insulation, structural strength and airtightness. SIP systems are used in floors, walls and roofs for residential, industrial, educational and commercial applications – providing ecologically friendly and energy efficient buildings.

SIP technology has been developed around composite panel techniques, creating a product with excellent structural and thermal characteristics. SIPs have two parallel faces – usually Oriented Strand Board (OSB), sandwiching a rigid core of Polyurethane (PU) foam or Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), making them lightweight, quick to erect and free from problems of compression shrinkage and cold bridging associated with other forms of construction. The adaptability of SIP systems permits a wide and varied building type and style with very little restriction on size, shape and form.

By using the ultimate combination of structural systems – SIPs, Solid Wood, Timber Frame – our buildings are optimised in terms of cost and performance. This essentially means selecting the most effective combination of systems to meet the specification brief to deliver the best cost and performance outcome.


How the Kingspan TEK SIP System works Video

Our SIPs Solutions

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