High Performance Buildings

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Why build with us?

Hanham HallWe are project and performance centric. Through our extensive product portfolio, our focus is firmly on value engineering and performance. By using the ultimate combination of timber systems, we deliver award winning hybrid structural timber solutions, optimised in terms of cost and performance. Our cutting-edge systems include timber frame, structural insulated panel systems (SIPs) and glued laminated timber (glulam).

Kingspan Timber Solutions deliver cost, performance and programme certainty, providing:

  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Fast efficient construction programmes
  • Less weather disruption
  • Demonstrable sustainability
  • Good quality from a controlled factory environment
  • Exemplar Health & Safety
  • Reduced susceptibility to skills shortages
  • Early achievement of weathertight status

Kingspan Timber Solutions’ range of building systems provide a complete structural and external high performance envelope solution. Our expertise in offsite construction techniques allows you to minimise onsite risks by removing uncertainty about outcomes.

  • Commercial Risks are avoided because scope and cost are agreed at the outset.
  • Delivery Risks are avoided because we agree a detailed delivery programme with your site team before we begin design.
  • Quality Risks are avoided because we operate quality systems in every department.
  • Performance Risks are avoided because of the quality of manufacture and materials used to deliver the declared performance criteria from the outset.

Onsite “problem solving” is minimised because our design process optimises the construction process identifying problem areas on the drawing board before they occur on your site. We don’t just think about “our bit” but extend our input to all the design team enabling everyone to extract value from the offsite process.

Kingspan Timber Solutions focusses on the needs of the project. It isn’t about making your project fit our factory but rather offering solutions that add value to the project’s objectives. For example; large panel construction methods deliver a rapid dry envelope meaning that internal works can commence sooner, making the critical path run more smoothly for follow on trades. This improves construction programme efficiency for projects that generate income, facilitating much better returns on capital employed.