Downs Copse

A premium development focusing on energy efficiency and little to no future maintenance.

The Project

These Houses are constructed using the Kingspan Ultima timber frame system which provides superior insulation, structural strength and exceptional air-tightness compared to traditional construction methods. The homes are finished with locally made, sustainable clay bricks and beautiful, durable standing seam zinc cladding and rainwater goods. These are beautiful finishes that provide exceptional durability and low maintenance. Airtightness values are the measure of the uncontrolled flow of air through gaps and cracks in the fabric of a building. Put simply it is a way of knowing how quickly the building loses the air, and the more air that the building losses, the more heat it is losing.

Build System:
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Energy efficiency was at the forefront with the larger 4 bedroom houses achieving EPC A ratings for their energy efficiency including the use of Solar Photovoltaic Panels. The smaller 3 bedroom homes are identical in construction and still have exceptional performance achieving high EPC B ratings.

There is of course the option for home owners to improve them to an A rating with the addition of Solar PV at a later date. The landscaping of Downs Copse meets the same high standard as the houses. A fully tarmacked surface for driveway and parking has also been provided.

The paved areas feature either the highest quality smooth honed grey sandstone or resin bound gravel, all detailed with beautiful clay pavers and granite sets. Throughout the journey of building Downs Copse it has been Cormorant's desire to deliver beauty that lasts. This means finishes that require little or no maintenance, leaving the homeowners free to enjoy life. So whether its landscaping or utility spaces, only the best has been specified and installed, keeping quality and aesthetics in perfect harmony.
The Kingspan build system suits us well because it enables us to progress quickly to a watertight shell which is a crucial build phase for us as it allows access to further finance, and to then work inside and outside the build simultaneously reducing construction time. The process is also less susceptible to weather delays than brick/block laying. The panels can be manufactured in big sections which reduces the number of crane movements and means they go together quickly, and the fact they have pre-fitted insulation, vcl and batten further reduces the number of processes on site and also reduces the amount of material we need to handle on site and waste we need to get rid of which is also a big advantage on what is often a tight site.

- Tim Warner, Cormorant Ltd

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