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Hanham Hall

Hanham Hall is the first site in the government’s Carbon Challenge initiative.

The Challenge

KTS were asked to supply the specialist panel frames for 185 new homes in beautifully landscaped grounds. The houses were constructed using Kingspan patented TEK® prefabricated structural insulated panels.

HTA Design
Build System:
Kingspan TEK Building System


Hanham Hall is the first site in the government's Carbon Challenge initiative. It is scheduled to become one of the first zero carbon communities in England.

Each property has high performance timber windows and insulated doors designed to allow residents to reduce their carbon footprint by 60% without any lifestyle changes.

To deliver this, the focus was on getting the building fabric highly insulated and airtight. The fact that Kingspan Timber Solutions take responsibility for delivering the technical performance of the building made it possible to ensure that the client got the performance they required.

These new homes are ground breaking; they are only the second to meet the new definition of zero carbon for energy.

We chose Kingspan Timber Solutions because of their experience and since the project began there has been a great working relationship between HTA, Barratts and Kingspan. Our sustainability team worked with Kingspan's techinical experts to assess the SAP calculations from an early stage.
- Rory Bergin, Head of Sustainability, HTA
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