SIPs Build Systems are Perfect for Flexible Design

3 August 2020 Kelly Newlands
SIPs Building
Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are capable of fulfilling almost any design, and their highly insulative properties make them an especially attractive build system. It's no surprise that SIPs are an increasingly popular choice for anyone wanting to build a warm, comfortable house with a rapid build time.


Our SIP offering

Kingspan Timber Solutions’ SIP, the Kingspan TEK™ build system, leaves ample scope for individual design. The panels are pre-cut to match a project’s specifications, and a complete kit is delivered to site ready for assembly. As SIPs are composite, reinforced panels, they can be up to 7.5 metres in length, meaning they perform excellently in terms of thermal bridging and also lend themselves particularly well to large, open-plan designs as they largely remove the need for supporting pillars.
Kingspan TEK™ can be used to create the walls and roofs of a complete building up to four storeys in height. It can be erected on any ground floor construction, as long as the foundations have specific tolerances. Our panels have an extremely slim wall build-up, maximising the available internal space and opening up even more opportunity for design.


Opportunity for hybridisation

The system’s roof and wall panels can be used with one another, or individually with other non-Kingspan TEK™ building system components. For example, the panels can be used as a roofing system in conjunction with masonry or timber-frame walls, or the wall panels can be used in conjunction with a traditional truss rafter roof.

One key benefit of using Kingspan TEK™ for roof systems is that, as composite panels, no trusses are required, offering much more usable room and headspace. And, as the roof accounts for about a quarter of heat lost in a house, capping it with SIPs also dramatically reduces this wasted heat, allowing you to design to surpass Building Regulations and even to meet the Passivhaus Standard.

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