SIPs: A Fast and Cost-Effective Build

3 August 2020 Kelly Newlands
For builders and developers building high-quality, high-volume projects, speed is paramount. It is important to keep to a fast build time without compromising on quality. Our structural insulated panel (SIPs) offering, Kingspan TEK™, does just that. 


Speed of construction

The Kingspan TEK™ building system is designed and manufactured in the factory. As a result, the kit is delivered complete and from one source, which allows a structure to be assembled quickly.
Any follow-on trades can also start work sooner, as once the kit is assembled and wrapped with a breathable membrane, the shell is weathertight. This can help the contractor complete the project quickly, and this quick construction process allows for an easier and more accurate prediction of project completion times.


Financial advantages

Easily recognised components are delivered to site for assembly, rather than waiting for a builder’s interpretation of plans. The Kingspan TEK building system panels also come in large dimensional sizes, which means fewer components have to be handled during the assembly process. A contractor’s team can erect a typical Kingspan TEK building system house very quickly.
This can compare favourably with traditional construction methods, where there are more components and in turn more processes, labour, and room for possible construction errors. The short construction time of the Kingspan TEK building system can enable tenants to move in sooner. Consequently, the owner achieves a better cashflow and a faster payback.


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