Our new Weathertight Package delivers your build to a secure, water- and windproof stage, so your internal works can begin sooner.

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What is our Weathertight Package?

We now offer a comprehensive service that delivers the superstructure to a secure, weathertight stage, allowing internal works to begin much sooner.

The timber kit of the full superstructure is the main element. Using sustainably sourced timber and manufactured in a quality-controlled factory environment, the timber frame is cut and assembled to your structure’s exact measurements. External and internal walls, floors and roof structure are all provided as a part of this service and erected by our trained team of timber erectors.
The final elements of the weathertight package are the fitting of external windows, doors, and roof finishes. This will render the superstructure secure, ready for internal works to begin. Where necessary, garage doors, roofline (fascia, soffit, barge) and roof lights are included. We will also fit the rigid insulation in any vaulted ceiling areas as part of this package.

Let us take the hassle away from you and deliver a weathertight home, so you can concentrate on more important things

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Advantages of our Weathertight Package

  • The building can be made safe and secure.
  • The internal environment of the timber structure is protected from the weather.
  • Internal works can progress, unhindered by any bad weather.
  • Site progress can accelerate - external cladding can be completed at the same time as working internally, speeding up the amount of work that can be done.
  • A major funding milestone is achieved, meaning funds can be released by your mortgage provider.
  • Peace of mind. For first-time self builders, making the structure secure and weather protected offers peace of mind that the heavy work has been done. Focus can now turn to more manageable tasks such as fitting out your home.

All of our Weathertight Packages provide you with...

High Quality of Workmanship
Our team of specialist contractors regularly work on our kits and are therefore very familiar with the build system.

Reliability & Reassurance
Our team understand the importance of making the structure weathertight and will diligently complete the work required. Our single point of responsibility removes potential for problems with follow-on trades such as roof tiling and window installation. Our experienced Contracts Managers will be responsible for the build from commencement of timber frame to the weathertight stage – if an issue arises we will resolve it.

Ease and Convenience
The co-ordination and organisation of this next step can be tricky, especially when you’re not familiar with the work involved.

Cost Certainty
Our supply and fit ‘fixed price’ package, based on your specification, details and includes everything necessary to make the structure weathertight:

  • Roofing membrane, batten & tiles
  • External windows and doors
  • Roofline joinery (fascia, soffit & barge)
  • Velux rooflights including flashings
  • Fitting of rigid insulation to the rafters to the sloping/vaulted areas
  • ​A temporary waterproof membrane to flat roof areas (or roof areas that aren’t traditionally roof tiled)

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