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Kingspan TEK® is our structural insulated panel (SIPs) offering and achieves the best thermal performance of all our systems.

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Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) | Kingspan TEK®

Kingspan TEK® is our structural insulated panel (SIPs) offering. Kingspan TEK® is composed of two sheets of oriented strand board (OSB) sandwiching a rigid, high-performance core of polyurethane urethane with excellent insulative properties. Achieving excellent airtightness levels with virtually no thermal bridging, Kingspan TEK® is perfect for those who want a rapid build time and exceptional thermal performance.

Kingspan TEK® SIPs build system diagram

Building a Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) House

The Kingspan TEK® building system is the premium product range within our portfolio. For those aiming for Passivhaus performance, this is the system we recommend. It is also possible to use Kingspan TEK® as a roof solution in conjunction with our Kingspan ULTIMA™ wall system for room-in-roof applications.

Image shows our Kingspan TEK® Passivhaus solution.

Benefits of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Construction | Kingspan TEK®

  • Exceptional thermal performance with wall and roof U-Values of 0.18 – 0.10 W/m2K with typical Y-Values ranging from 0.05 – 0.01
  • Highly airtight construction can achieve air permeability of less than 1 m3/hr.m2 at 50 Pa.
  • Zero ODP and low Global Warming Potential
  • Fast, cost effective and predictable
  • High dimensional accuracy and zero shrinkage
  • Accommodation of all types of external facades
  • Minimal site waste

Kingspan TEK® Information

Kingspan Kooltherm
Thermal Bridging
Fire Performance
Kingspan TEK® comprises two sheets of OSB sandwiching a high-performance, rigid urethane insulation core. Our unique insulated jointing system creates an airtight structure with the capacity to reach Passivhaus standards of performance (less than 0.6 ach @ 50 Pa). For most buildings, a performance of 3.0 m³/m²/hr @ 50 Pa can be easily attained.
The thermal efficiency of Kingspan TEK® can be increased with the addition of a layer of Kingspan Kooltherm insulation, a market-leading phenolic insulation. This can be added as an internal lining behind the service batten and even as an external wrap around the structure for very low-energy buildings.
The unique jointing method means the system benefits from reduced heat loss caused by repeating studwork. This improves the building’s overall energy efficiency. y-values of 0.05-0.03 are achievable.
The Kingspan TEK® building system benefits from fire resistance testing to demonstrate both 30 minutes and 60 minutes of fire resistance. The 30 minutes level of fire resistance was achieved using a single layer of 12.5mm Knauf Type A plasterboard. 60 minutes of fire resistance was achieved using a single layer of 15mm SINIAT fire check board. Both tests were carried out in accordance with EN 13651-1: 1999.

Our Build System Comparison


Kingspan LOGIC+

Kingspan ULTIMA™

Kingspan TEK®

Build System Timber Frame Timber Frame SIPs
U-Value (W/m2K) 0.22-0.16 0.19 - 0.13 0.18 - 0.10
Thermal Bridging (y-value) Typically 0.05-0.03 Typically 0.05 - 0.03 Typically 0.05 - 0.03
Air Tightness Range (m3/m2.hr@50Pa) Typically 3-5 Typically 1 to 3 Typically 0.05 to 3
Complete wall* 288mm 313-338mm 332-442mm
Panel thickness 123mm 148 - 173mm 167 - 277 mm
Cost Hierarchy £ ££ £££
*Assuming masonry cladding.
Arial view on a pine wood

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